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Pathfinder Insurance Training

Our Philosophy-

Pathfinder's name is synonymous with quality insurance education. For over 30 years, Pathfinder  has brought a refreshing approach to the classroom. Our courses are taught by highly trained instructors who fully understand the importance of dynamic, interactive classroom. In other words, our instructors don't read from the textbook. To us "dull" is a four letter word. We believe strongly that learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. From the moment you step foot in a Pathfinder classroom you'll be able to sense an attitude unlike that associated with any other educational experience you've encountered. Our classes are informative, relaxed, and enjoyable.

​ Enjoyable? We know that's a huge claim to make for an "insurance class" but our claim is backed up by thousands of satisfied customers. We take our job seriously. Unlike some schools, Pathfinder will be there to assist you before, during, and after you've attended our school. We take great pride in our ability to help students who have varying degrees of classroom skills pass the state examination. From providing test taking tips, to confidence building, to simplifying large amounts of information. Pathfinder's commitment to your success is un-weaving

Our Mission

Pathfinder is dedicated to preparing students for their pre-licensing examination and to provide ongoing continuing education to licensed producers. We endeavor to provide students with the finest educational materials and the most rewarding classroom experience possible.


: One that discovers a way esp:

one that explores untraveled regions to mark our a new route.

About Pathfinder

Our Vision

Pathfinder's continuing commitment is to provide exemplary insurance Pre-Licensing education to aspiring producers and relevant and informative Continuing Education in insurance professionals. Meeting this commitment is possible because of a proven, successful curriculum supported by internally developed materials that serve as the industry standard and by utilizing Pathfinders professional teaching staff with more than one hundred combined years of experience.