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Do you learn by listening? If so, we recommend utilizing the Pathfinder "Round Up" Flashdrive. Included with your course packet, they are great help, whether used as a preview or a review in license training. We go through the main points of each course, using an easy going question and answer style that makes understanding a breeze! Both Prometric and Pearson Vue national outline materials have been used to build these audio review tools, so you can be confident that the necessary material is covered.

Pathfinder offers two Indiana-specific books covering the material required to pass the Indiana State Law portion of the Life and Health and Property Casualty license examinations.

The Decoder is a condensed and plain language version of Indiana insurance regulations which will direct your attention to the critical aspects of the laws that are tested.

The Workbook portion of the book contains hundreds of practice quiz questions covering all subjects contained on the National and Sate sections of the exam.

Pathfinder roundups Flashdrive

Both textbooks are updated on a regular basis, using national outlines from Prometric and Pearson Vue ensuring that you recieve the most current infomration

State Law Decoder & Workbook:

  • Examples and illustrations to better help you understand and retain the information needed to pass you exam, in either the Prometric or Pearson Vue Format.

  • ​Quizzes at the end of each chapter to help you chart you retention level.

  • Sample final exams.

  • A detailed glossary/index to make finding information a simple task.

Pathfinder Textbooks

Pathfinder offers two national textbooks. One covering the basics of Life and Health Insurance and another for Property Casualty.

Our instructors, using the knowledge they have gleaned from over twenty years of teaching, have created books that are extremely user friendly. Each book is fulled with helpful tools, including.

The following materials are included in the cost of our Indiana Pre-Licensing Course. These materials are not intended to be, nor are they approved as a complete course by themselves.

Course Materials

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