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5 Hour CE Courses

Life LawThis class is coming soon.

Health Law: This class is coming soon.

Personal Lines Law: This class is coming soon.

Comercial Lines Law: This class is coming soon.

1 Hour Law Courses (coming soon)

3 Hour Flood Course (coming soon)

LTC I​​Are you planning to sell LONG TERM CARE insurance? Do you need to be certified to sell LTC? Maybe you just need 8 hours of CE to keep current. Maybe you let your LTC certification lapse and you need to be recertified?

Are you aware there are a lot more LTC services available than just nursing homes? Did you know that 70% of people reaching the age of 65 will need some kind of LTC service during the remainder of their lives?

 Join us at Pathfinder and learn about LTC and LTC insurance. Learn for yourself, for your clients, and for your family and friends.

4 Hour CE Courses 

-Medicare, Medicare Supplements, & LTC Insurance: This class is designed to​ satisfy your LTC  CE maintenance requirement of 5-hours for your LTC CE every two years. Also you maybe would you like to learn about LTC for yourself, your family, or your clients. This is the perfect class for instance...

Do you know you shouldn’t count on Medicare to pay for LTC?

Do you know that over 60% of nursing home costs are paid by Medicaid?

Do you know what the eligibility criteria are for Medicaid nursing home assistance?

Do you know what the Indiana LTC Partnership Program is?​

Long Term Care Renewal IIf you are certified to sell LTC's, this is a 5 hour Renewal class to keep current on your LTC certification. Maybe you just need 5 hours of CE, this would be a great class to take. This class will give you 5 hours of CE credit.

Long Term Care Renewal II: This class is designed to

-The Realities of Long Term Care: This class is coming soon

CE classes include: Class Tuition, Class Materials, Certificate of Completion, and uploading you to Sircon.

FloodThis is class is coming soon.

All of our Continuing Education courses are approved for any Producer. In other words, a L&H Producer can attend one of our courses that is geared more toward a P&C subject and get credit toward their 24 hour Continuing Education requirement (or vice versa). Indiana State law requires that students attend the entire course. There are no excused absences. Late arrival may necessitate rescheduling. In compliance with State Regulations, anyone arriving over 15 minutes late (in the morning or after lunch) will not receive credit for the course..

LTC II​​ Do you need your Indiana LTC Partnership certification?  Or, maybe you need to meet your LTC CE maintenance requirement of a minimum of 5-hours of LTC CE every two years?  Or maybe you would you like to learn about Indiana LTC Partnership Insurance Program for yourself, your family, or your clients. Do you realize over 60% of nursing home costs are paid by Medicaid? Do you realize you have to have low income and low assets, to qualify for Medicaid nursing home assistance? Do you realize Indiana LTC Partnership Insurance policies not only provide quality LTC insurance but also Medicaid Asset Protection?

7 Hour CE Course

8 Hour CE Course

General Continuing education courses

6 Hour CE Course

-Contract Law​​This class is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of  Contracts, and in particular insurance policies. This class will explore the different ways of establishing a legal obligation, focusing first on the difference between those arising in Contract as opposed to Tort. The class will study in depth the five essential elements of a Contract. A significant segment of the class will be spent on the unique character of the insurance policy, e.g. the rules of adhesion. There will be a complete exploration of the methods of interpreting the terms found in the policy. The class will also examine how the actions of the insurance agent might indeed cause the actual terms of the policy to be modified.

Ethics I: Beyond the Canons and Codes
This is basic class. Here we’ll discuss an awareness and development of an ethical thought process. The class will put their new found knowledge to work with a series of practical exercises taken from real word cases. The instructor has a philosophy degree from a Jesuit university.

Ethics II: Advanced Ethics: Preparing for the Leadership Role 
The class begins with the development of classical ethical thought from Socrates and Confucius, up through Kant and Mill... to the present day. Did you know that the first Business Ethics textbook was written some two thousand years ago? Students will again expand their working knowledge with practical exercises. The instructor has a philosophy degree from a Jesuit university.

Annuities: This class is designed to conform to the requirements of section 7 of the NAIC Model Suitability in Annuity Transactions Regulation as well as IC 27-15.6-19.5. The course will cover the following topics: (i) types and classifications of annuities; (ii) identification of the parties to an annuity; (iii) the manner in which fixed, variable, and indexed annuity contract provisions affect consumers; (iv) income taxation of qualified and non-qualified annuities; (v) primary uses of annuities; and (vi) appropriate sales practices, replacement, and disclosure requirements. The course employs a case study practicum at the end of the lecture period to allow the student to play an interactive role in the educational process.

Indiana General Laws, Rules and Regulations: This class is coming soon.

Personal Auto Policy 101: The class is coming soon.

Homeowners 101: This class is coming soon.


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IDOI requires 24 hours of CE every 2 years