Once I am licensed who provides the best continuing education (CE) available in Indiana?

A. The answer is obvious: Pathfinder, of course!

Pathfinder's continuing education is targeted for the professional agent who demands the very best in education. The Pathfinder guarantee is that you will learn information more valuable than your tuition, or your money back!

The down side is that the tuition for top-notch CE is often in the price range of $20+per CE hour. But you get what you pay for, and professional agents know that Pathfinder CE is an excellent return on their investment of time and money.

If you intend to be a professional insurance agent, you can only afford to do the very best in continuing education. And Pathfinder is the best!


When does the State of Indiana consider me to be a licensed insurance agent?

Once you have passed your Indiana Insurance License Exam and completed your application for a license online through SIRCON, Indiana Department of Insurance will review your application within one business day or two. If all is well, IDOI will click on the "issue a license button" and you will instantaneously become a licensed insurance agent. As soon as the button is clicked, your authority to sell insurance will appear in your SICON record. As of that moment, the Department of Insurance considers you licensed, and you can go to work.

When and how do i apply for my insurance license?

While it is technically possible to apply for an insurance license before you attend a state certified pre-license course and pass your examination, Indiana Department of Insurance requests that you apply for your insurance license AFTER you pass your examination.

The application process is as follows:

1. On the Pathfinder website, in the upper right-hand corner of every page you will find a link to the SIRCON PORTAL.  Click on the Sircon Portal link.

2. Next, on the SIRCON website how page, click on the first item in the left-hand margin called Apply for license.

3. The License Applications page will open. You will probably select the Resident Application for an Individual.

​4. On the next page, enter your name and your Social Security number. Then follow the prompts through the rest of the application process. Have your credit card in hand, your contact information, and your recent (Past five years) work history before you start the process.

There are also questions regarding your background, such as are you behind on child support, do you have prior arrest record, or have ever had a professional license revoked or suspended in this state or any other state. By all means, do not lie on you application, as the IDOI does a thorough background investigation through the FBI and NAIC National databases. 

Assuming that the answers to all your background questions are No, the Department of Insurance will approve you application almost immediately (probably within 24 hours). You can determine whether your application has been approved by going to SIRCON a day or two after you have completed all of your licensing requirements, and making a License Application Activity Inquiry. 

- The resident agent license application fee is $53.70

What are the Four things i must accomplish in order to obtain an Indiana insurance license:

1. You must attend an Indiana approved pre-licensing school such as Pathfinder. Upon completion of the school, Pathfinder will issue to you a Certificate of Completion, which is your ticket for taking your examination.

2. You might schedule yourself for an examination. The examinations are administered at 26 Ivy Tech locations throughout Indiana. See License FAQ's for further details.

3. You must pass your examination which is reasonably easy if you attend a Pathfinder pre-licensing classroom session.

4. You must apply for an insurance license. See Indiana Insurance Licensing FAQs for details.

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Must I attend a classroom review session in order to obtain an insurance license?

No. However, it is necessary for about 98% of the folks preparing for an insurance licensing examination. For most students, the pass ratios are just about double for those folks attending Pathfinder classroom review school as opposed to doing online training or self-study at home. About the only individuals that should consider self-study are those folks that had earned a license in the past, and unfortunately had let their license lapse. The Indiana Department of Insurance test results indicate that those folks attending Pathfinder pre-licensing classroom review sessions have first time pass scores at approximately double the rate for those applicants studying online or doing self-study.


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