What do I do NOT pass my examination?

if you do not pass your examination on the first try, we recommend the following:

1: If you were within five points of the passing score, listen to the Pathfinder audio CDs continuously, and review the chapters that caused you the most problems (as determined by your score report). If you have not already done so, go to the Pathfinder website and take the online flashcards. If test anxiety is a problem, order a copy of the Pathfinder Freaky Test-Taker CD and listen to it three times. By following these recommendations, you should be able to retake your examination and pass with no problem.

2. If you were within 10 points of the passing score, we recommend that you attend at least a portion of another Pathfinder classroom review session. Remember, you can attend another review session free of charge, if you come back within six months.

If you did not pass the L&H exam, you might also consider purchasing aPathfinder Advantage CD-ROM which is an extensive five hour review of the L&H course. The Advantage also contains hundreds of new quiz questions with answers and explanations.

3. If you missed a passing score by more than 10 points, we strongly encourage you to return for another review session, because making up more than 10 percentage points by studying on your own is extremely difficult!

4. If you have failed the exam twice, and you have followed all of the steps as indicated in #1 through #3 above, please call Pathfinder at 317-872-1100 to schedule an appointment with one of our instructors. There may be a fundamental flaw in your test taking strategy that we can resolve. After all, we have helped over 300,000 people pass examinations on a national basis. Unless you are incredibly unique, Pathfinder has the answers.

5. What happens if I pass my exam ? Go out to start your new career path and please come back to Pathfinder for the best continuing education courses in the country!

What type of exam am i taking?

All of the examinations are computer delivered multiple-choice questions with four potential answers. A majority of the questions are straight multiple-choice containing one correct answer, and three incorrect answers. However, there are some questions on the exam that or the reverse: they have three right answers, and one wrong answer. Your task is to find the incorrect answer. The question structure would be: "Which of the following is NOT True about XXXXXX?". Another version is: "All of the following are True EXCEPT XXXXXXXXX".

Your time allotment is 1 minute per question. For example, for the 160 question Life and Health examination, or the 160 question Property and Casualty exam, your time allotment is 160 minutes, which is two hours and 40 minutes.

There is a countdown timer on your computer screen that can help you keep track of your time. For example, if you started with 160 minutes, and the timer now says you have 150 minutes left, you have used 10 minutes so far. If you are on at least question # 10 by now, you are moving at an adequate speed to finish the examination on time. You need to be averaging answering at least answering one question every minute.

Virtually everybody completes the examination by the end of the allotted time, so time really should not be a major factor. But you still need to pay attention to time.

What is the pass score?

The passing score is about 67%, but it varies slightly from exam type to exam type. So, the passing score is reasonably low, but the examinations are reasonably challenging. The questions really make you think. For example:

(1) All other things being equal, why does a 40-year-old male pay a higher premium rate for life insurance than a 40-year-old female?

(2) Why does a 10 Pay Whole Life insurance policy have a lower total cost than a 20 Pay Whole Life insurance policy?

(3) Bill is driving Jill’s car with Jill’s permission. Bill causes an accident with Michael for which Bill is at fault. How will the Liability sections of Bill’s and Jill’s automobile policies pay for the BI / PD damages that Bill caused?

You really need to understand the subject, and know how to think about the subject, to answer the above questions. These are examples of the type of material you will find on your test, and while it is an entry-level examination, it is a challenging examination, so study hard!

What do i need to take with me to the test site?

There are two critical items that you must take to the test site:

1. Your Certificate of Completion (the name on your Certificate of Completion must exactly match the name on your photo ID). If you have additional questions about the Certificate of Completion you can find additional information in Certificate of Completion FAQs category.

2. Your photo ID, which could be an Indiana drivers license, or any US drivers license with your photograph on it, a current passport, which contains your photograph, or similar official state or federal photo identification.

Do not take anything else: No watches, purses, wallets, handbags, or cell phones! Leave all that stuff at home, or in your automobile. If you do bring it in with you, the Proctor will ask you to lock it up in a secure locker during your test. And please dress in layers, as some of the testing facilities are cool, and some of them are warm, depending on the season. But no hooded sweatshirts.

At least 20 minutes prior to your test time. There are very few people going to the Ivy Tech high-stakes testing centers, so there is no large group of people all starting the test at the same time. Therefore, you can show up quite early if you wish. In that way you control the timing which is good for your mental health. I would suggest that you arrive 30 or 40 minutes early, go to the bathroom as needed, because for security reasons there are no bathroom breaks allowed during your examination (except in emergencies), and report to the Proctor when you feel comfortable, and at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time. Putting you in control is an essential element to your examining success.

What time should I arrive at the test site?

Yes. Changing your exam appointment can be done online through SIRCON at any time.

However, if you change your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled test time, INDOI on will charge you an additional $75.50 test fee..

On the Pathfinder website, in the upper right-hand corner of every page you will find a link to the SIRCON PORTAL.

Can I change my exam appointment?

License ExaM-Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to take my exam?

If you are a good test-taker, and you have done 12-20 hours pre-study before attending the class, the day following your class is optimum. If you have not been able to do the pre-study, then we recommend that you take a day or two to continue your studies, and then take the exam no later than the third day.

Where are the examinations given?

Indiana insurance license examinations are administered at 26 Ivy Tech college locations all around the state. The test locations are:

Anderson                                     Gary                                  Michigan City

Batesville                                     Green Castle                      Muncie 

Bloomington                                Indianapolis                      New Castle      

Columbus                                    Kokomo                            Sellersburg

East Chicago                                Lafayette                            Tell City 

Elkhart                                        Lawrenceburg                     Terre Haute  

Evansville                                   Madison                              Valparaiso

Ft. Wayne                                   Marion                                 Warsaw

And since there are so many test locations, and not many license applicants, there should be excellent availability of test appointments.

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