Will the classroom instruction cover all of the material that is on my examination?

Absolutely Yes! Everything that you need to know to pass your examination will be thoroughly covered in class and is contained in our outstanding proprietary course material.

Pathfinder has been actively involved with the Indiana Department of Insurance in the preparation of the Indiana insurance examination and a copy of the test content outline is contained in the back of Pathfinder State Law Digest & Workbook for your review. So there is a full disclosure regarding what will be on your exam, and your classroom.

What should I do to prepare for a Pathfinder classroom review session?

For the average student, our experience indicates that 15 to 20 hours of study outside the classroom is required in order to pass the exam. This work can be done either before class, during class, in the evenings, or after class before you take your examination. But the class is for more effective if you do pre-study, as the material covered in class will make far more sense if you understand what you are listening to.

We suggest that you listen to the Flashdrive at least two or three times, scan through each chapter in the Pathfinder textbook (the thicker book), reading the section headers (the big bold print), and then read the Chapter Conclusions. If you are really adventurous, try taking some of the practice quiz questions in the Pathfinder State Law Digest & Workbook. Then come to class rested, ready to go to work, bring all of your course materials, and be ready to enjoy a fabulous learning experience! Not only will you pass your exam the first time, but you will enjoy the experience.

You may cancel your registration for Pathfinder class any time up to 24 hours before the beginning of your class for a 100% refund. Just return the course materials in new condition to Pathfinder, and we will gladly refund your tuition.

Can I reschedule my Pathfinder class?

Absolutely Yes!. Just call Pathfinder's office 800-592-4242 and the Pathfinder staff will gladly transfer your registration to a future class.

Can i just walk into a Pathfinder class the morning of the first day?

Certainly yes! We would welcome you to any class at any time. But obviously we will do a better job of accommodating you if we know you're coming, so that we can have your name tag and course material ready for you. So please go online and register for the class, which will give us a few hours lead time in order to better accommodate your needs.

Am I Guaranteed to pass my examination?

A qualified yes. You may return to Pathfinder class free of charge as many times as you would like in a six-month period. We will work as hard as you been assisting you to obtain a license. If you will do what we ask you to do, you can read and understand English, you have a reasonable learning ability, and will follow our advice if you are a freaky test taker, you can earn an insurance license. Pathfinder is here for you.

What is the Pathfinder registration cancellation policy?

As soon as possible. The reason is because we will ship your course material, via UPS, the day we receive your registration. By registering early you will maximize your pre-class study time, which will be a great benefit for passing your examination.

Is all the study material i need included in the tuition?

Yes. The study material included with each pre-licensing course consists of the following:

1. Pathfinder textbook- which covers all the basic licensing material, such as terms and definitions, policy types, etc;

2. Pathfinder State Law Digest & Workbook- Which contains Indiana insurance state laws and regulations, plus hundreds of practice test questions, answers and explanations.

3. An Audio Flashdrive to summarize the high points necessary to pass your exam. All of the Pathfinder materials have been approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Does Pathfinder offer an online training courses?

Yes we do! 

This course may be perfect for you if:

1. You have had a Life and Health license in the past that has lapsed, and you are now studying to reinstate your license or;

​2. You are excellent test-taker who does not suffer from test anxiety, or

3. You have prior experience in the insurance industry, but you have never obtained you L&H insurance license, and/or you have a licensed L&H agent who will mentor you through a self-paced, self-study, online pre-licensing training course and

4. You are highly motivated self starting individual who can concentrate for long periods of time without interruption and

5. Understand that the goal of obtaining an insurance license in Indiana is not very easy task. There are hours and hours of principles that have to be mastered prior to attempting the state license exam.

While online training courses appear to be the most cost-effective way to prepare for your examination, in reality it is not! The pass ratios for online training are approximately 1/2 of the pass ratios for people attending Pathfinder class sessions. Therefore, a huge amount of time and money is invested in online courses that essentially wasted for three quarters of the applicants, When you combine the time spent preparing for the exam online, plus the testing fees for taking the exam multiple times, plus the lost time at work, the online/ self-study solution is clearly not the most economically efficient way to obtain an insurance license. In addition, many students never do pass the examination through the online process, and they give up on greater career that could have been very profitable and rewarding.

When should I register for a pathfinder class?

No. However, it is necessary for about 98% of the folks preparing for an insurance licensing examination. For most students, the pass ratios are just about double for those folks attending Pathfinder classroom review school as opposed to doing online training or self-study at home. About the only individuals that should consider self-study are those folks that had earned a license in the past, and unfortunately had let their license lapse. The Indiana Department of Insurance test results indicate that those folks attending Pathfinder pre-licensing classroom review sessions have first time pass scores at approximately double the rate for those applicants studying online or doing self-study.

Pre-Licensing Review sessions-Frequently asked questions:

Must I attend a classroom review session in order to obtain an insurance license?

6325 Digital Way, Suite 160

 Indianapolis, In 46278


What is the class schedule?

The attire is often referred to as "business casual", whatever that means. Some folks  dress up as they would if they were going on a sales call, and they look great. But blue jeans and a sweatshirt are probably more comfortable. Dress as you wish to be comfortable.

What should I wear to class?

If you are a good test-taker, and you have done the 15 to 20 hours pre-study before attending class, the day following your class is optimum. If you have not been able to do the pre-study, then we recommend that you take a day or two to continue you studies, and then take the exam no later than the third day.

When is the best time to take my exam

Pathfinder Insurance Training

In Indianapolis the five day pre-licensing classes start Monday morning at 8AM and run through approximately 5PM Monday through Thursday. Friday is 8AM to 2PM. We also hold an optional review on Friday afternoon from 2PM to 5PM. 

In Merrillville, the four day pre-licensing classes start Monday morning at 8AM and run through approximately 5PM  each four days. There is also an optional review on Friday from 9AM to 1PM.

​In Ft. Wayne, were we hold four day classes, instruction will start Tuesday Morning at 8AM and will let out at 5PM. The remaining Wednesday through Friday will be 8AM to 5PM as well.

There will be a short break each hour, and a one hour lunch will be opened approximately one hour before the beginning of class each day, and your instructor(s) will be available for your questions before class each morning and after class each afternoon. The atmosphere is very casual, so please feel free to get up and go to the bathroom at any time, or to refill your coffee.

About the only distractions that bother our instructors are students talking to each other during class and students that are texting or online during class.