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Test Taking help

Do you consider yourself a freaky test taker? Or haven't taken an exam in a few years? This product may be just what you need! About 25% of the US population suffers from severe test anxiety. Another 25% of the population experience moderate test anxiety, practically when taking high-stakes examinations which could determine their careers.

Test Anxiety has been such n important part of the Pathfinder training experience that we have conducted extensive research on the problem and have formulated our own unique solution to the problem. This unique solution is contained in the Pathfinder CD called the Freaky Test-Taker CD. We strongly suggest that you order a copy of this CD when you register for a Pathfinder pre-licensing class, listen to the CD three times, and apply the secret to yourself. Your test anxiety will be forever resolved. And you will learn how to love taking high-stakes examinations! That is guaranteed! A $20.00 value. 

>El Professor y la estudiante L&H audio CD's

Listen as a Pathfinder professor defines 125 key terms which are then translated into Spanish. Helpful CF if you talk Spanish. A $29.00 value.

Over 5 and a half hours of instruction on your computer with 1000 visuals and exams that feature 33 short segments relating to the 18 chapters of our textbook plus 584 new quiz questions and comprehensive examinations. This product is $49.00 and is a great addition to your study's. 

>Advantage CD-ROM

Life & Health Materials

​Pathfinder now offers an online course that is one size fits all! Designed for a year at any age to succeed in taking the State Exam. Electronic access to the best training materials available...text, audio reviews,, and hundreds of practice questions with answers and explanations, full support and services and much more... Pathfinder is the Education Superstar with a 36 year track record of success. 

We offer a GUARANTEE that no other online school offers! If you take Pathfinder's online course and for any reason you require additional preparation before your exam you may enroll in any of Pathfinder's regularly scheduled live classroom sessions.. and the total cost of your Onlinebacker course will go towards a classroom tuition.

For your convenience you can try it before you buy it! Register a guest and experience this great course for FREE!!


Pathfinder has designed a variety of study tools to fit your learning style. Whether you learn best listening, by reading, through pictures or via your computer, we have a product for you.

​supplemental study materials