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 Indianapolis, In 46278


Pathfinder Insurance Training

Our instructors and staff are available to assist you before you come to class, the week of the class and even after the completion of the class to make sure you pass the test.

If you decide you want to come back through the same pre-licensing  course, you are welcome to come back free of charge for up to 6 months.

Our Students have an excellent passing rate.

We write our own user friendly training manuals and produce many supplemental teaching aids. Pathfinder has a custom built facilities to provide a relaxed teaching atmosphere.

What Makes Us Different ?

Pathfinder brings over 42 years of experience to the classroom.


We use memory skills to teach and help students focus on exactly what they need to know to pass the exam.

We provide students with test taking skills and even offer a "Freaky Test Taker" CD that deals with  test anxiety to help our students over come their fears.